Marta Areosa

Marta Areosa




Beast IFF’22

BEAST is a festival that aims to bring a bit of eastern european culture to Porto through film. 

It had its 5th edition in 2022 with a comeback to an in-person festival with a special focus on sci-fi.

Along with PIOTR ZIĘBA, we designed the visual identity for this edition. 

The idea was to use the movement from east to west (which was translated into the typographical arrangement), but also to take an element in common between the countries contemplated in the region. In the process of searching for this element, the sunflower seed came up and it took hold of things. It worked almost as a private joke for people from these eastern european countries, which instantly recognized it, but its enigmatic and weird look (for not so eastern minds) would make people curious about what it was. It was a crucial element not only for all the graphic materials but also for the festival dynamic (people eating sunflower seeds everywhere).

The act of eating these seeds worked as a perfect metaphor for the festival: breaking the outside shell to get to the seed.


Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg

“Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg” by Errol Morris is an article that exposes a method of work through an investigation of two very similar photographs by Roger Fenton. 

The pictures were taken in 1855 during the Crimean War and changed the History of Photography. Errol Morris documents a deep investigation on the chronological order of the photographs and leads us through the process. 

In this book, I explored the dialogues between Morris and some people he interviewed, pulling these dialogs apart from the rest of the text. The idea of segmentation, executed through indentation and margins, came from the way dialogs are graphically represented in our everyday chats. 

The 3 parts of the text are separated in different booklets, working as a reference to common practices of archive. This physical division is a reflection of the turning points that happened in the investigation process.

Can jokes bring down governments?

“Can jokes bring down governments?” is a text by Metahaven where they go about the power of the mainstream culture of Memes, and the impacts they end up having in more serious contexts.

The idea that triggered the concept and following graphic decisions was the act of writing with red ink on white paper, which is seen as a daring move, with the use of red paper.

This was an interesting way of exploring how simple graphic choices are interpreted by a biased society.