Marta Areosa

Marta Areosa




Beast IFF’22

BEAST is a festival that aims to bring a bit of eastern european culture to Porto through film. 

It had its 5th edition in 2022 with a comeback to an in-person festival with a special focus on sci-fi.

Along with PIOTR ZIĘBA, we designed the visual identity for this edition. 

The idea was to use the movement from east to west (which was translated into the typographical arrangement), but also to take an element in common between the countries contemplated in the region. In the process of searching for this element, the sunflower seed came up and it took hold of things. It worked almost as a private joke for people from these eastern european countries, which instantly recognized it, but its enigmatic and weird look (for not so eastern minds) would make people curious about what it was. It was a crucial element not only for all the graphic materials but also for the festival dynamic (people eating sunflower seeds everywhere).

The act of eating these seeds worked as a perfect metaphor for the festival: breaking the outside shell to get to the seed.



Retorno is a project on the 2017’s fires that took over green areas in the interior of Portugal. Started by Inês Luzio as a response to this tragic event, the project grew into a kind of documentary with a special soundtrack. It had two physical presentations with a live music performance, and is now hosted in the website.

For the graphic identity, I felt like I needed to somehow bring the movement of the film into the images, with a notion of time: the past, present and future. This is, at the end, what what the project goes about: questioning what impact this event had on people’s lives, how it came to happened, and what changed after it.

For the website, I saw there was a need of movement to make it dynamic and also to contextualise the outcome of the project. There are three looped videos that randomly play across all the website that in a way work as a trailer to the film.

You can check the website here.



Beast IFF Website

Beast IFF is a film festival held in Porto focused on East European cinema.

In collaboration with Carolina Bonzinho, we designed and coded the 2021 website’s edition. The 16:9 frame proportion was our starting point, turning it into the framing proportion of all the information.

Aesthetically the language was clear and simple, highlighting the appearing images, built on the dialog with the designer Alexandru Ponoran which was designing that year’s identity for the festival. Some elements from the 2021’s graphic identity ended up as somehow influencing the webdesign, which will host the upcoming editions.

The website can be visited here.